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About the Strumpet Crew
Sue Boland has been a guitarist, keyboard player, singer and composer for many years. She started out as a classical pianist and thankfully abandoned the violin at an early age (because she couldn't stand hearing herself practise).  In 1990-91, Sue was part of the group Firewomen who produced the tape "Stirred but not Shaken". Sue worked with storyteller Gaye Sutton to produce and perform the show "Maladjusted Woman" in the 1998 Wellington Fringe Festival. Recently, Sue has been the main accompanist and arranger for Choir Choir Pants on Fire. With Deb, she helped produce and direct their CD "Working Girl Blues" in late 1999. Sue continued to work with Choir Choir until their return from the Australian National Folk Festival in April 2000.

Ann-Marie Stapp began her musical career at 8 with modern piano lessons. At High School she started on her long career as a trumpet player (almost prematurely cut off after an intial slowness to master Jingle Bells). In her final years at High School, Ann-Marie picked up the bass (when the school one was finally available.)  In her teens, Ann-Marie developed her skills as a trumpet and flugel horn player with the local Salvation Army Band. Ann-Marie is a member of the acclaimed Wellington City Chorus, she also plays with the Wellington Carnival Street Band. Ann-Marie is a composer and song writer, and wrote a number of tracks on Strumpet's CD, "As far as the eye can see".

Deb Vernon started her musical life as a classical cellist and was principal cellist with the National Secondary Schools Orchestra in 1982.  In 1988 she was awarded a Bachelor of Music from Auckland University.  Since moving to Wellington Deb has enjoyed diversifying her musical skills. With STRUMPET she sings and plays a variety of percussion instruments, folk violin and cello. She says "Folk music comes from my soul!" In 1998, Deb combined with Sue Boland and storyteller Gaye Sutton to produce and perform the show "Maladjusted Woman" for the Wellington Fringe Festival. For a number of years Deb was the Musical Director of Choir Choir Pants on Fire. In 1999-2000 she directed and produced the CD "Working Girl Blues", and directed their performances at the Australian National Folk Festival in Canberra.

Mary Moon sings and plays percussion and is a wonderful artist with STRUMPET.  She has contributed to community arts through her series of Rape Crisis posters 1989-1991, "Rape steals,Women Heal", and through winning the Telecom Arts award for Bay of Plenty in  1991. Her contribution to the Strumpet album "As far as the eye can see" is an original watercolour of the New Zealand cabbage tree.  The painting shares the name of the album. Mary has also produced the amazing artwork for Strumpet T-shirts and band banner.


Ann-Marie, Sue and Deb first played together in 1991,  and had a band called "Women for a  Change".  After a few years, jobs and different cities meant the end of that band. However all was not lost. In 2000, some serious combined research into the current state of rugby (watching the Super 12 semi-final on television) led to an extended jam session featuring Ann-Marie's new guitar. They discovered a whole new sound and the rest as they say, you can read about and listen to on this website.

Oh yeah, why STRUMPET? Because we play strings and trumpet ofcourse!


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