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Mensa Reject
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

Verse 1        E                                   A   E
        Read it in the Reader's Digest,
        F#                                 B
        found it on my Aunty's loo.
        E                                  A     E
        Said I should apply for Mensa,
         F#                  B
        if you're smart they'll welcome you.

                  A7         E
        but I'm a Mensa Reject,
            A7                                 B7
        I offered to re-write their test.
                 A7                    E                F#
        I'll never be in the elite, no way
                                          B        E
        I'm a Mensa Reject pest, yeah
I'm a Mensa Reject pest.

V2     Sent away my application,             V3    Sorted out the re-direction,    even went and stole a stamp.                 sent the letter on its way.      Sent it to the wrong location,                 Back came the flat rejection,
    and I accidentally got a job at the bank.         here's what Mensa had to say!                
    Now I'm a Mensa Reject                 Now you're a Mensa Reject,
    but the bank doesn't see the hitch.             your score is off our scale.
    Their computer is now redirecting funds         You don't conform to our     I'm a reject but I'm rich, yes,                 Mensa norm
    I'm a reject but I'm rich.                You're a Mensa fail, yes,
                                 You're a Mensa fail.

V4    Finally I wrote to Mensa,                     
    asked them why I didn't fit?
    Found out that they're mostly men, sir,                                      
    and they didn't give a . . . consideration                 

    So I've rejected Mensa,
    the test's back in the loo.
    It's there as emergency supply
    Now Mensa's a reject too
    Now Mensa's a reject too!

   Strumpet 2000