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Real Woman
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics
Verse        Girl, it's time to learn you can't be like your brother,

        Come down off the roof and listen to your mother
               G                                                                            D
        Keep your mouth shut tight, cos you don't want to look too bold.
                        A                         G                    D
        You gotta learn the rules, or you'll be left out in the cold.

              D7                                G
    Refrain        Cos you gotta be a real woman
        Got to know the rules for being charming
        Got to learn the ladylike behaviour,
        Then you won't be so alarming…

Verse        Put your shoulders back, it's time to work on your figure
        Pray that the Lord will make your breasts grow bigger
        Don't you wiggle those hips, learn to walk like the nice girls do.
        You can go to a gym, but don't sweat, just have a gentle hue.


Verse        With some makeup on you'll be looking finer
        Use a little lipstick and discreet eyeliner
        Got to spend some time and money on a glamorous style
        But better cover those zits, or all the boys will run a mile.


Verse        Now your wardrobe, girl, leaves a lot to desire
        Get yourself some heels that are a whole lot higher
        Add a miniskirt and a girdle to control the flab.
        Now you can't move an inch, but the boys think you look fab!

    Refrain x2

    Sue Boland 1998