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Verse        If I told you I was a left-hander
        Would you treat me with caution and care?
        Would you want to keep me from your children,
        Cos it just might be catching, you fear?
        If I tell you that I am a lesbian
        Will you treat me as somebody strange?
        I'm the one that you've trusted,
        It's only the label that's changed.

    Refrain        I'm your mother, your sister, your daughter, your neighbour,
        The friend that you've known for years and years.
        I'm a dancer, a painter, a teacher, a labourer,
        Women like me are everywhere.

Verse        If I came from a far away country
        You'd be careful to understand,
        For you know that each person bears treasure
        Of story and culture and land.
        If I tell you that I am a lesbian,
        Will you honour my culture as well?
        Will you open your mind to the truth
        That my story can tell?


Verse        Well I know that you don't find it easy -
        It's a risk that we take when we share.
        But it matters to me to be honest,
        And I want you to know that I care.
        If I tell you that I am a lesbian,
        Can you hear that it's good news to me?
        If I tell you who I really am,
        Can you let me be me?

    Sue Boland 1991