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Weight Watchers
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

        D                           C            G             D
Refrain        Weight watchers, out there watching you
                                      E7                    A7
Weight watchers, gonna see you through   (right through you)
D                           C          G          D
Weight watchers, looking for you, friend
D          C                          G                   D
Weight watchers, gonna get you in the end.

            A                                                  G                    D
Verse        Don't enjoy that food that you're putting in your mouth.
                A                                           G                          D
        You know it's full of calories, it's bound to make you stout!
                         D7         G
        Get a little Bible, a calorie counter book,
                  A                                          G
        Learn Cordon Bleu arithmetic, you count instead of cook!


    Verse        Get it off your thighs, and get it off your chest
        Tell us all your eating sins, you know it's for the best.
        Get up on the scales, and we'll tell you what we find -
        We'll monitor your waistline, and we'll rearrange your mind.


    Verse        Don't you know we're on your side, we're here to help you lose
        Those kilos and the calories, of course some dollars too.
        Think of us as friends - we are here for your support
        And we love your meeting fees and all those products that you bought!


    Sue Boland 1998