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Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

    Verse 1            Long miles to travel,
                Serious loads,
                D                                          A
                Heavy responsibilities she knows
                          D                    A
        she's always been relied on
        C#7                        F#m
        shoulders broad to carry
                    D                     Bm                          E7
        Though sometimes her own light's burning low. (but)

        A                                                  D                       A
Refrain        Look what she makes when she lets her feelings be
         F#m                Bm              E            E7
        Look what she makes when she lets her spirit fly free
        When she lets the child inside
                                 F#m                  F#7
        Come out from where she hides.
               Bm7            E7
        The toymaker is life to you and me.

Verse 2        Up again each morning,
        Work to be done
        Mortgages and other bills to pay
        One day is like another
        But evening beckons
        It's then that her child comes out to play,  and


    Verse 3         Woman of wisdom, grown through the pain
                Crafting past and future in her hand
                Rejoicing in your story,
                Painting rainbow colours,
                Giving child and crone a place to stand.


     Sue Boland  1999