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The Goodbye Song
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics
    Verse 1            I've got two dollars in my pocket
                                Em                       F
                I've got a newspaper in my hand
                                 C                                G
                And though the words are clear before me -
                                Am                 D7
                I've got a need to understand -
                You've been a light on my horizon
                              F                       C
                And I've loved you as a friend
                     Cm                      G                    Am7     B7
                So I just don't see why this should have to end.

Refrain        Well I can understand the seasons;
               Am7                      B7
        The falling leaves, the winter sky -
                     C                              G
        And my head knows all the reasons;
                     Am                    D7                   C              Am      D7
        But my heart is slow to learn the word good-bye

    Verse 2            Well they told me in my childhood
                That for everyone who dies
                There would be a clear reminder
                There'd be a new star in the sky
                Now my childhood lies behind me
                There's a new grey hair each day
                Still I hope love will remind me along the way.


    Verse 3            I  have your photo here beside me
                But the night is cold and long
                And its hard to believe in sunrise
                Or the birthing of a song
                But as I live into the sorrow
                And I dare to touch the pain
                 I can begin to trust tomorrow once again


    Sue Boland 1994