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The Journey
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

        E7   Am            Dm
Refrain        The journey is long,
                                G              C
The journey is darkness.
   Dm           Am                        E7
It leads me beyond where I've travelled in light.
     Am           Dm
No sure destination,
       G7        C
No false reassurances,
      Dm      Am
But only a traveller
         E7                         Am
Who guides me with her love.

        C                 G            Dm          Am
    Verse        Freedom is calling, calling me onwards,
            Dm                F                    E               E7
        Drawing my eyes from the comfort of light.
        C                     G          Dm            Am
        Listening, yearning,    onward I journey,
        Dm               Bb              E                  E7
        Seeking a truth   in the voice of the night.


    Verse        Spirit, you lure me  to dance on your journey,
        Waking my heart from the dullness of sleep,
        Chasing the shadows, open to wonder,
        Finding the wisdom that dwells in the deep.


    Sue Boland 1991