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Winter Solstice
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

        F#7                Bm7             F#7
Verse        There was a moon in the sky
                   Bm7               Em7
        As the women were dancing
             Bm7           A7                   G6            F#7
        To honour the change of the seasons.
                  Bm7            F#7
        Open armed we invited
               Bm7           Em7      D6     F#7
        The light of the dawning day.

            Bm7           A7          Bm7
    Chorus        Letting the old ways go,
            Em7                                D       A7
            Welcoming the changes in our lives,
            Bm7  F#7          Bm7 G6       D
            Celebrating  the  fire  of  new  life.

Verse        There was a fire by the sea
        Where the women were singing,
        And weaving a web of the wisdom of old,
        And we cast in the fire
        What we no longer needed to hold.


            Em7                Bm7
    Interlude    Turning of the seasons,
            A7             D
            Liberating light.
            G6                       Ddim
            Turn around and spin your dreams
               Bm7   Em7         F#sus4   F#7
            Into the sheltering night.

Verse        There was a spirit alive
        As the women were chanting
        The song of our love for our mother earth.
        In a circle of love
        Came the mystery of new birth


    Sue Boland 1991