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As far as the eye can see
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

Vocal/Instrumental Intro
                       D                 G            D
    Refrain            As far as the eye can see,
        as far as the ear can hear,
               Em7                                  A
                the birds of the bush fly free
                A7               D                                   A
                and their bright song fills the air.
                           D                      G         D
                And down on the forest floor
                the kiwi spreads the word,
                                Em7                                      A
                there's room for our folk once more,
                A7     D                         C           D
                the humans have finally heard.

            G                                                Em7
Verse 1            Where is the voice of the kokako
                  F#m                                 Bm7
            Oh huia where is your song?
            Em7                                       C
            Where is the sight of the mighty moa,
            G                                                  A   A7
            her children forgotten and gone.


Verse 2        The forest is eerily silent here,
        no ruru to cry in the night.
        The cat and the ferret have spread their terror
        and murdered the music of flight.


Verse 3        The wetlands are drained for our industry
        Kahikatea stand no more;
        Kotuku seeks for a place to shelter
        and rimu are windows and doors.

    Refrain - vocal and instrumental ending

    Sue Boland 2000