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Amazon Song
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

        Em                G
Verse 1:    Taking time for yourself
        D        A      Em9
        and you are healing.
        Em                 G
        We can see your growing strength.
        D               A       Em
        coming through your mixed feeling.

        G        D
Refrain:    Hay, you are a woman,
        G          D
                Strong surviving woman,
        G         D
        Woman loving Woman,
                    A     Em    
                You're and Amazon.
        G        D
        Hay, you are a woman,
        G           D
        A special kind of woman,    (2nd  refrain = Healing Living woman)
        G        D
        Woman loving woman,
        G       A   Em A  Em
        You're an Amazon,  an Amazon.                    ( 2nd refrain = fade)

Verse 2:    In this world, you find a way
        Find a way of living.
        In this world, you find a way
        Your own way of being.



Ann-Marie Stapp  ©April 1991