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Toeing the Line
Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

Verse        Playing the game
        To pay the rent
        It's the aim of my day
        I gotta be on time
        Or I'm on the line
        Gotta keep that boss at bay

Verse        I've been given 3 months
        To get it right
        It's the word from the top
        I gotta be polite
        Keep out of sight
        Or I could lose the lot

    Chorus A        If you're good at your job
        Then you just may pay
        If you are at the bottom
        You gotta act that way…

Verse        Yes I'm acting Good
        And pulling my weight
        And going out of my way
        I'm staying sane
        By relieving the strain
        At the end of the day

Verse        They think I've learnt
        To toe the line
        And will do all they say
        But they don't know
        That I've let go
        Of any long term stay

Chorus A        

Verse        Well I'm smiling lots
        And working hard
        Trying to keep well
        I write reports
        And when I'm out of sorts
        I hope no one can tell

Verse        I'm in the job
        For many things
        But it's hard to satisfy
        When the bosses act
        I could get sacked
        And I end up living a lie

    Chorus B        I'm good at my job
                And I know that they will pay
                I won't be at the bottom
                That's not where I will stay

Verse        For the time will come
        When I will move
        Higher up the scale
        And when I do
        I'll be among the few
        That know who the system fails

    Chorus B

    Ann Marie Stapp 1992