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Big Red Blues

Songs - Sounds & Lyrics

         G7                              C                                                              Bb      B C
Refrain        I've got those laid back, low-down waiting for the big red blues
         Bb B C G             C                                                             F          F#  G   F  F#  G
        For I'm waiting for a bus that'll take me on home to you
         G7                                F7
        And there ain't no point getting uptight
                                                                                     Bb             A7
        For you know could be waiting half the night
                            D9                                 G7                                    C          Bb  B  C
        Laid back, low-down waiting for the big red blues.

Verse            Well I see all the people running round the town,
                                   F                   C
            And they're full of agitation.
            And it seems that they're putting on a mean old frown
                           F              G7       C
            At the slightest provocation.
                               Em                                     A7
            So they look disapprovingly at people like me
                          Dm         A7         Dm
            Who won't join in their hurry;
            Though they seem unkind, they've just filled their minds
        G                                   F         F#   G            F  F#  G     G#
            With all their work and worry

Verse            Well it seems I've been waiting for an hour or more
            And watching the busses drive on
            So I keep looking out for a number 4, and searching the horizon.
            Then when it comes in view I politely stand back
            For a shopping laden mother.
            Then the driver says, “We're full up, mate - better wait for another!”

    Sue Boland 1992